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Creative Mentoring 

About Creative Mentoring

Over the years, both in my role as an academic and as a freelancer, I have supported many people, from all different backgrounds and professions, who are looking to connect with their creative more fulsomely, who need help moving through a creative project, or who feel blocked or anxious about their creativity. I offer a range of options for people who are looking for creative support: from one-off sessions tailored to your needs, to bespoke packages made specifically to address your creative challenges, to packages designed to address the most common creativity issues. Each option encompasses somatic work, conversation, connection with the natural world, ritualised practices, and storywork. To find out more about these offerings, please get in touch using the contact form below. Or, book a session here.


I have found Ruth’s mentoring process to be intuitive, creative and deeply thoughtful. It is especially refreshing to finally find someone who understands creative development as a personal journey and who does not reach for an off-the-shelf and out-of-date approach that focuses solely on the idea of a professional career.


Ruth is a gentle, skilful creative mentor who allowed me to feel my feelings while we worked together. Ruth's combination of intuitive support, somatic experiencing, and meditation made the process of grief work soft and nourishing. 


There's a presence there in my week now, where I'm solidifying something for myself. It feels wonderful – I'm so glad I'm doing this, and doing it with you.
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