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A large component of the work that I do is creating spaces, whether these be workshops, circles, or one-to-ones, for people to explore stories of all kinds. Many of my creative workshops are often shaped by participants' lived experiences - their own stories. I also work with myth, with cultural stories, and with fiction. The storywork that I facilitate is grounded in my training as an academic specialising in English and American literature, my experience as a writer of creative non-fiction and poetry, and my deep and ongoing interest in how stories reside within and shape our bodies and feelings. You can find out about workshops I have already offered here. To explore storywork further with me, please see my current offerings in the workshops + events section find out more by contacting me using the form below, or book a session here. 



Ruth did a great job of ensuring that everyone was included and heard - without pressuring anyone into contributing. She really listened to what each person said and was full of enthusiasm and encouragement for their ideas and experiences. I appreciated her non-hierarchical approach to running a workshop and I think the group bonded so well because of this.


I have enjoyed our storywork sessions immensely. It feels good to be able to discuss a book and the themes that emerge from it so intensely and in a safe and nurturing space. Ruth facilitates the sessions well, ensuring we are all heard and asking insightful questions and sharing her deep knowledge of the written word and other experiences that are both thought provoking and at times amusing. The sessions over the last year have truly enriched my life.


Ruth creates a warm open space that invites you to explore your thoughts and ideas and brings a refreshing authenticity to the sessions, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed reading and analysing the book Women Who Run with the Wolves with Ruth and the lovely group we have!
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