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I have read tarot since I was a teenager, influenced by seeing my mum read them when I was little [her actual cards pictured!] and by a fascination with story, intuition and witchcraft. My main teacher now is Lindsay Mack of Wild Soul Tarot and, following her, my reading is shaped by a queer, anti-capitalist politics which views the cards as provocations and invitations for the present. I host regular tarot reading sessions at Happy Culture cafe [see my home page for further details] and also offer one-to-one in-person and distance readings. Please get in touch if you'd like to find out more.  Buy a tarot gift card here, to be used at your leisure. Or book a reading here.



I know some people can be sceptical about tarot card readings, but knowing Ruth as an extremely creative maker of all things great and an all-round beautiful soul, I was drawn to book a reading. Ruth delivered unique messages through the cards and interpreted them clearly that helped me remind myself that I am doing ok and to understand what factors I should be considering when making decisions about the here and now. I felt very reassured and comforted not only by my cards but by spending time with Ruth and feeding off her energy and ability to give me more insight and guidance.


Highly recommended.


I had a reading from Ruth on my birthday, right at the beginning of the year. She identified some of my deep fears around setting up my business and sense of self and went on to reassure me with the cards that I could do it alone. Ruth is really compassionate and obviously loves what she does. I'd thoroughly recommend her.


I always leave tarot readings with Ruth feeling calm, positive and as if I’ve reached some real clarity. She is a talented reader who really cares about your personal journey. I look forward to our future readings together!


Ruth’s tarot reading was amazing and immersive and insightful. I came away from it feeling a lot better about my place in the world



A large component of the work that I do is creating spaces, whether these be workshops, circles, or one-to-ones, for people to explore stories of all kinds. Many of my creative workshops are often shaped by participants' lived experiences - their own stories. I also work with myth, with cultural stories, and with fiction. The storywork that I facilitate is grounded in my training as an academic specialising in English and American literature, my experience as a writer of creative non-fiction and poetry, my interest in wild therapy, and my deep and ongoing interest in how stories reside within and shape our bodies and feelings. You can find out about workshops I have already offered here. To explore storywork further with me, please see my current offerings in the workshops + events section or book in for an individual storywork session. 

creative support


Ruth did a great job of ensuring that everyone was included and heard - without pressuring anyone into contributing. She really listened to what each person said and was full of enthusiasm and encouragement for their ideas and experiences. I appreciated her non-hierarchical approach to running a workshop and I think the group bonded so well because of this.


Ruth’s facilitation was a very high standard, and very warm and welcoming. I have been to quite a few workshops here in the UK that have been a bit dry and formal, so I wasn’t sure what to expect, but this was warm, real, personable, connecting and expanded my creative practice.


Ruth creates a warm open space that invites you to explore your thoughts and ideas and brings a refreshing authenticity to the sessions, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed reading and analysing the book Women Who Run with the Wolves with Ruth and the lovely group we have!


I have enjoyed our storywork sessions immensely. It feels good to be able to discuss a book and the themes that emerge from it so intensely and in a safe and nurturing space. Ruth facilitates the sessions well, ensuring we are all heard and asking insightful questions and sharing her deep knowledge of the written word and other experiences that are both thought provoking and at times amusing. The sessions over the last year have truly enriched my life.



Over the years, both in my role as an academic and as a freelancer, I have supported many people, from all different backgrounds and professions, who are looking to connect with their creative more fulsomely, who need help moving through a creative project, or who feel blocked or anxious about their creativity. I offer a range of options for people who are looking for creative support: from one-off sessions tailored to your needs, to bespoke packages made specifically to address your creative challenges, to packages designed to address the most common creativity issues. Each option encompasses somatic work, conversation, connection with the natural world, ritualised practices, and storywork. Find out more about these offerings here.  



I have found Ruth’s mentoring process to be intuitive, creative and deeply thoughtful. It is especially refreshing to finally find someone who understands creative development as a personal journey and who does not reach for an off-the-shelf and out-of-date approach that focuses solely on the idea of a professional career.


Working with Ruth was a nourishing experience where I felt safe and supported in deep exploration of my feelings, stories, attachments to and disconnections from academia. It allowed me space, time and the invitational framework to find ways of relating to these experiences that fostered my creative work with these feelings and memories. Ruth held the space with compassion and clarity, and the sessions left me with feelings of transmutive and agentic possibility at a time when I was feeling stuck.


The Wandering was frankly amazing and exactly what I needed, at that point in time. Ruth has a unique gift of enabling the group to be honest, vulnerable, and reflective together. She uses a variety of means to create a supportive and challenging space - storytelling, crafting, story-listening. I don't know if I will ever leave academia; but it helped me to truly engage with the side of me who sometimes does and is disenchanted, and to make being there a choice. 


Ruth was a terrific group leader, and the Wandering was an eye-opening and soul-healing experience that allowed me to think about my relationship to my, frequently troubling, academic and creative life. I would recommend it highly for academics, ex-academics, semi-academics, and others struggling with writing, their creative and critical practice, or the world of higher education.


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