Mon, 04 Apr


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making with the moon

In this course, which will span a whole moon cycle, we will make with the moon; attuning to its different phases, and exploring moon myths, stories and metaphors to expand our creative practice.

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making with the moon

Time & Location

04 Apr, 19:30 BST – 02 May, 22:00 BST

online course

About the Event

Welcome to making with the moon! 

What does it mean to make with moon? In this course, which will span a whole moon cycle, we will explore moon myths, stories and metaphors each week with the intention of freeing, expanding and deepening our sense of ourselves as makers-of-things, whether we consider ourselves to have a formal creative practice, or not. Working with the four major phases of the moon - new, waxing, full and waning/dark - we'll develop tools for tuning into our own creative cycles and discuss ways in which we can reclaim our creativity from harmful structures  [i.e: the capitalist patriarchy]. Each week, we'll be working with pop culture, tarot, our felt senses, myths, and ritual around a different set of themes which, broadly put, correspond with that week's moon-phase. 

This course is for you if:

  • you are interested in exploring your creativity, even if you don’t consider yourself to have a formal practice
  • you consider yourself to have a formal practice but would like to take it in a new direction
  • you feel creatively blocked/stuck/uninspired/depleted
  • you are interested in myth and in doing myth work [the myths in ‘making with the moon’ will mostly be Greek in origin, but we’ll be working with myths and stories from other places too].
  • you are interested in rescuing your creativity from capitalism and restoring to it a sense of play and exploration
  • you are interested in queer and nature-informed approaches to creativity
  • you identify as a witch/witchy/witch-curious
  • you identify with or are interested in feminist and feminine creative modalities
  • you are looking for a creative community that is predicated on feminist, queer, anti-racist and animist principles 

Week-by-week outline:

week 1: new

 In this week, we'll get to know each other and map out our intentions for the course, both as a group and individuals. We'll also talk about what the Moon card represents in tarot and in popular culture more broadly, and how these ideas might be useful when trying to make *a thing*, whatever that thing might be. We’ll be reflecting on our own creative cycles and how we might be working with, or against them.

week 2: waxing

What are you making? What do you want to make? What are you afraid to make? In this week, we’ll talk about the moon, creativity, and gestation. How does it feel to be growing something – a piece of writing, a painting, an idea, a project? How would you like it to feel? To help us with these questions, we’ll be working with Artemis, goddess of the hunt, the wild and fertility.

week 3: full

When was the last time you howled? What might it feel like to be wildly creative and creatively wild? This week, we’ll talk about letting our light shine, about trusting our creative intuition and about the good kinds of lunacy. The High Priestess tarot card and the Greek goddess of the moon, Selene, will be our guides.

week 4: waning /dark

How do we let go of what we make? How can grief help us in our making? How might we rest with the moon? We’ll be talking descents into the underworld, (moon)shadows and the dark stuff in this, our final week. The Greek goddess of the crossroads, Hekate, will be our guide.

What you will get:

  • weekly 1 1/2-hour check-ins with the rest of the group
  • suggestions,  provocations and exercises each week to support you in your creative  practice
  • curated playlists each week to help guide you through the work
  • lifetime access to the course materials
  • a supportive community of fellow-minded moon workers
  • a deepened understanding of moon cycles, myths, archetypes, stories and  rituals and how you might use them in your own creative practice