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About the wandering: imagining beyond academia.

The wandering comprises one-to-one mentoring sessions, tailored and public workshops, and free resources for those who feel uncomfortably placed within academia and want to think about ways of navigating it differently, or navigating out of it.

N.B: these are not careers sessions! Rather, we'll be doing the important work of feeling into our lives as academics, as a way to free up somatic and creative capacities that might have been stymied by the institution.


Working with Ruth was a nourishing experience where I felt safe and supported in deep exploration of my feelings, stories, attachments to and disconnections from academia. It allowed me space, time and the invitational framework to find ways of relating to these experiences that fostered my creative work with these feelings and memories. Ruth held the space with compassion and clarity, and the sessions left me with feelings of transmutive and agentic possibility at a time when I was feeling stuck.


The wandering was frankly amazing and exactly what I needed, at that point in time. Ruth has a unique gift of enabling the group to be honest, vulnerable, and reflective together. She uses a variety of means to create a supportive and challenging space - storytelling, crafting, story-listening. I don't know if I will ever leave academia; but it helped me to truly engage with the side of me who sometimes does and is disenchanted, and to make being there a choice.


Ruth was a terrific group leader, and the wandering was an eye-opening and soul-healing experience that allowed me to think about my relationship to my, frequently troubling, academic and creative life. I would recommend it highly for academics, ex-academics, semi-academics, and others struggling with writing, their creative and critical practice, or the world of higher education.


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one-to-one mentoring

Tailored one-to-one mentoring sessions for women/trans/non-binary academics who feel uncomfortably placed within academia and want to think about ways of navigating it differently, or navigating out of it. ​


To find out more, please fill out the form below. Or, you can book a free 15 minute consultation here



I run workshops for all academics around the following:

- making and working with stories about academia

- making and working with stuckness, grief and anger

- deinstitutionalising and its possibilities

- taking back your writing/work

- joy-finding and creativity

- embodied and energetic practices for the uncomfortable academic.

Get in touch if you’d like to discuss my running a tailored workshop in your institution or within a group of friends. For current public workshops, see here.


free resources

The deinstitutionalisation now resource list is an evolving, collaborative list (and playlist!) to support anyone looking to navigate  institutions (specifically, though not exclusively, academia) and for those interested in deinstitutionalisation as a process and orientation in the world. Find it here.

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